Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I admit it..I'm an emotional mess of goodness..

Have I mentioned in the past that Mal thinks I have tourette's ???..
OK...I admit it...I am a VERY emotional-outburst-speak-without-thinking-kinda person...But in a GOODNESS kinda way..."I am an emotional-mess-of-goodness"
I have a gift, (let's hope Hunka doesn't read this he will say "GIFT...Oh, MYLANTA is THAT what we are calling it now"...He loves my GIFT, I know he does, like when I used it at his Christmas Work party last year and told his co-worker's wife that she had a "good-stripper's-name", her name was Misty Fox...How could I NOT mention her good fortune?)
I can just let-loose with what I am thinking, but it's never, well usually never, in a bad way..And it's TOTALLY an ASSET that I have A.D.D. ,cuz' that makes the emotional-outbursts even better...way more random & entertaining for the family and friends:)..And Hey, I've never had to be asked .."What's bugging you", "What's on your mind"..I've already told you the second I see you!!
The outburst of emotions can go from what I am craving to eat, to needing VICKS vapo-rub on my lips, to swearing like a sailor about random facts of the day that made me mad, (I know bad-habit, but there is something SO THERAPEUTIC about cussing & it's usually about MEAN people, so I justify it), to going POSTAL about who took my dang-mascara, to crying about something that happened 20 years ago,to telling someone they have a good-stripper-name, to telling Hunka that he doesn't love me enough to buy me a BOAT...I want a BOAT & a tummy-tuck ...he will buy me neither, (I am SO UN-LOVED!!) ...
I can have this VERY conversation in 2.1 minutes...Yep, I can get alot of emotional-work done in little time, no therapy or meds needed, I get it all out there ...LOL!
So, I have decided to embrace this personality trait and see it as a GIFT...I am learning to embrace my good and bad traits...Cuz' I am getting too old to change now..
and quite frankly, I think there are WAY too many quiet, sane people running around this world ....The universe needs ME!!!


Kristina P. said...

I like the idea of turning our negatives into a positive, whether by working on them, or not seeing them as something so negative in the first place.

Matt and Shauna said...

Amen! I want to have your gift!

trash talk said...

If I want coherency, I can read a book...I'd rather read your rants!
P.S. I agree, that would so be a stripper name! I love stripper names, btw.

Amber said...

We are like twins! ...At least on my manic days. I wish I was manic all of the time :) Mania with a side of ADD equals FUN!

susan said...

I never knew I was ADD .until I was 50..I always thought I was multi-tasking and it was a good thing!
The tourettes is totally a Grant thing..I just told him to "stop it!", in the store the other day..people were staring!
I just wish you'd cahange from the cupcake I am really a cupcake lover and trying to Quit.

Missy said...

I have went postal three time today! I get prettier with every rant! LOL

Wendyburd1 said...

Normal people worry me, so you rock!! LOL! ♥

Just Me said...

The universe does indeed need you, my dear sister.
Hope all is well with you.

slytrifecta said...

I happen to like the way you are....cussing, ADD, impulsive comments and all!!!