Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's OFFICIAL the boys are growing mullets..

Business in the front ...PARTY in the back...
Rayce started by saying he was growing a "mullet" and then I asked him "what's a mullet" and I was SHOCKED that he actually knew what is was..
So I said " PARTY-ON-GARTH".... letz-do-this-thang..
Of-course D-Riv can't be left out , so he's growing one too...Hope he wants one...I don't know if there is sign-language for..... "Do you want to grow a MULLET"? LOL!!!!!
Rayce's hair is growing, growing.... getting longer, pretty soon we can cut it into the "mullet-he so-desires" ....LOL!!
And, No, we don't usually keep him in a cage..hahaha(it's a trampoline safety-net-thingy-ma-bobby)


Amander said...

I love that he wants a mullet! (And that you are going to let him have it!)

trash talk said...

Girl, just how soon can you get down here to the Texas? Mullets rule in the south!