Monday, June 8, 2009

Bon Voyage...

Some Pics from around the house..
And I had to include a pic of Rayce's Mom's-Day gift to me...I LOVE that he didn't even know the name of a restaurant I liked, and the only food he knows is MY FOOD...
HOME-COOKING, baby ...that's what I'm talking about!! Makes me feel like I'm doing something right??!!
I don't know about Oprah being my fav-o TV show ...but maybe I watch her more than I think ?
PINK is my 2nd FAV-O color...RED being the #1..And St. George is in my TOP 5 , run-away for a quick week-end places to go... I actually think Rayce did better than Billy could of !!! :)
AnyWhoooooooo, I also wanted to say......
I am leaving on VAY-CAY in the morning...(Lake Powell) back next week !!!!!! Bye for now......


susan said...

Where you going ....???
I am unpacking and cleaning EVERYTHING..dust ,dust EW!
Remodel done , except for tile backsplash behind stove, and they put the guest bath?shower mirror in so that it hits the faucet when you open medicine cabinet!!! I am sooo mad, can you believe it???
Grant is completly re-sodding lawn 50 yds of topsoil and 5 pallets of sod..he's lost 8 lbs. and is in better shape than 10 years ago!!!
But he limps ..I don't get that!
Anyway ,happy times are near as I put the house back together ..I'll get pics soon
Have a great VACAY!

ramsam said...

Your home, as always, gives me just a vicseral reaction. You are stunning, and I just want to curl up on your couch and sleep a while....

Marie said...

Come on over anytime...Curl up on the couch and take a nap..Then we'll have a Diet Coke when ya get up K?..Your back on the hard stuff right?
BTW, thanks for the nice words...I secretly wish to live in your magical house everytime I drive by it!!

Marie said...

Oh, the joys of re-modeling!! Hang-in there!!
I hope I come home from Vay-Cay to your eye-candy-remodel-pics!!(no-pressure-huh??)
We are going to Lake Powell...a week full of boating, waterskiing/knee-boarding,cliff-jumping,hiking,running,tanning,relaxing..and EATING!!Talk to you soon!

trash talk said...

Bring home a tan! Y'all have a great time and come back with fabulous pics to share. Maybe you and the hubs can slip away for a little skinny dipping!!!