Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary part 2 & THANKS!!!

THANKS so much for the Happy Anniversary wishes, YA'LL ROCK!!!!(SORRY,I've been a comment slacker..I'll be visiting your blogs tommorow)
So, of-course my idea of a FUN-DATE is taking my Canon & Tri-Pod and having some picture-taking FUN...and HOTT-DANG did we have some FUN today finding a TICK on my shirt and having a RED-ANT crawl up Billy's leg and bite him repeatly in his "man-parts"(ouch!!).....He got ALOT of action today!!! (Sorry...T.M.I)
So, I guess you all know what Billy's NEW saying is now..."Hey, I need to check you for TICKS"...(for the 10th time today...)


trash talk said...

You let him of course...check you for ticks, I mean? It IS his anniversary too, you know!

rychelle said...

i love the pics!

happy anniversary.

rychelle said...

my word verification was photoe. how appropriate.

slytrifecta said...

Wow girl. You are an AMAZING photographer!!!!
Oh, and Happy Anniversary!

delighted heart said...

OhMyGosh! Your pictures are amazing! Love the colors! You ae making me want a better camera! I was about to throw my Sony Cyber-Shot out the window while taking baby photos. It didn't want to take the shot when I clicked... it must have been the low light. Convo Julie at Etsy if you are wanting a saying she doesn't have listed. She's making more next week. Oh and Happy Anniversary!

Jami Broadbent said...

these are AMAZING!