Friday, June 19, 2009

Marie needs......

OK, so have you seen this going around blogs?
You google your name with "NEEDS" at the end...
It's pretty SCARY how TRUE some of my needs were ???
Maybe I should just GOOGLE my problems from now on instead of going to a SHRINK???
Marie needs red bull the girls get comfy if only i could remember (I plead the 5th)
Marie Needs is on Facebook (ummmm, Hell to the NO)
Marie Needs To Shut The Hell Up (true-er words were never spoken, WISH, WISH , I had the gift of keeping my mouth shut)
Marie needs more ink (I've been wanting to get a tattoo for my B-day, guess google just gave me the THUMBS-UP)
Marie needs to give her hectic life a shot in the arm (my heck- to -the -yes, I need a shot of something!!)
Marie Needs Your Help ( we ALL know this is BIBLE. u know the truth?)
Marie Needs the 2000 graduating class of Webster High School in Webster, WI
( I don't know what I'll do with all those graduating 18 year old boys, but I have a hankering I'll think of something??)
Marie needs a road dog (Well, I call him HUNKA , but Ok?)
Marie needs big changes, wants more.(Again, true-er words never spoken, GOOGLE you are my new bible)
Marie is a beautiful little girl and will get the help she needs. ( AWW, praise the lord)
Marie needs to stay a singer.(I feel the karaoke machine is coming back out of storage)
Marie Needs You For Great Sex In The Stairwell (and with that I will leave & go find HUNKA, I just texted him and told him to meet me in a .............STAIRWELL, duh?!!)

Go to GOOGLE pronto..... I hope I've enlighted your day!:)


Amander said...

This looks like fun - and yours was hilarious! I'm going to go do it now.

Bobbi Jo said...

That was funny! Thank you for sharing.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

rychelle said...

this one made me giggle!

slytrifecta said...

I googled mine......Janna needs drugs next time.