Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Broken lip...

Friday night we enjoyed the High-School Football game, {LOVE Friday night lights!}
Came home, put D-RIV down to bed and were relaxing on the couch when we heard the crash...jumped up, ran to his room....then I saw it , blood.
I am SO bad when my kids get hurt, I just FREEZE...my knees go weak and I'm rendered useless..
But this time, I actually jumped right in and took charge, checked teeth, no loose ones (WHOO-HOO) scooped him up and started the exam.....teeth through the bottom lip from a "slip-on-my-books" accident was the diagnoses....
Off to the ER, so we could sit for 3 hours ..and then have them decide to "glue-it-shut"...
Alrighty-then, so it took them 3 hours to decide that one huh?!!
Note to self: Go to Primary's Children's Hospital from now on with D-RIV, "our-normal" ER was not nice to kids with Autism..
and that's ALL I'm saying...
trying to stay positive...:)
Broken -glued-lip But can still watch TV...so everything is gonna be OK!!!This is ONE Sweet-Brave-Boy

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rychelle said...

i faint at the sight of blood.

i'm glad he's ok.