Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Meatloaf brings all the boys to the yard, their like It's better than yours, {DANG-RIGHT} it's better than yours..

It just kinda "felt" like a {Meatloaf}-weekend.. You know the kind of weekend when you just want to "Hunker-down" watch movies and eat {MEAT}...I do have to say this meatloaf recipe is THEE-BEST..(it's Birth-Mom-Susan's,which means, it ROCKS-HARD-CORE)...
also on thee menu..alittle garlic-mashed-IDAHO-TATO & Asparagus drizzled with Butter and Sauteed with huge chunks of garlic...
Can you say....{NICE BUM...WHERE YA FROM}
Cuz' this meal ain't no "weight-watcher-friendly" meal...
But as you can see, I did wash it down with a {Splendid-Coca-Cola-ZERO}
{*Recipe for Meatloaf...}
Italian Sausage
Bread Crumbs
Couple Eggs
Glob 0' Ketchup
Fresh Diced Tomato's
Fresh garlic-minced
Diced Onion
Salt & Pepper
Garlic Salt
Jane's Crazy Salt
Hot-Shots Spice (for top)
Mold into loaves and coat with Olive Oil
Sprinkle top with Hot-Shots
Bake @ 350 for 2 hours..or till Done..
{I then use the Brown-Bits in the bottom of pan and make {gravy} with some Beef Boullion-Flour-Water-S&P}
{*SUS...e-mail me if I have anything wrong?}
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