Friday, September 11, 2009

{good-thing's are happening}

The {Good-Thing's} :
1) A new LENS for my camera,{Sweet-Lord!}, can you feel my insane-extreme-excitement-happiness through your computer screen?!
2) Joshua James in concert, 2, YES, 2 nights in a row!!! {sweet-biscuits!!}
3) Homecoming is Saturday, Love getting my girls ready for dances, the blood, sweat & tears is ALL worth it when you see them walk in and show their Dad, they twirl and pose and wait for his approval....
I can NEVER get over the "look" he has.. it's a cross between, {pure-magical-daddy-love} & HORROR, cuz' a boy is gonna be with them all-night and their lookin' so beautiful...
{*But mostly I LOVE to see him tear-up, it always happens, and I think I fall in love with him again everytime I see it}
4) {College-Girl} is coming home to go see Joshua James with us...HOLLA!!
{Good things- Good things}
Yep, my-peeps....good things are happening this weekend!!

How did {I} get so lucky?

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