Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Love you JEEENNNNYYYY(Forrest Gump accent)

Jenny, you GO-GIRLFRIEND!!!
This is almost the exact statement I've been making for years!
They need to Take the toxins out of the vaccine,by this I mean the preservative, {thimerosal}, test your child's immune system and get the vaccines 1 at a time, (not 3 in one shot),and wait to immunize till your child is 2-5 if they have a low immune system.

Here is a "snippet" from Jenny's COOKIE magazine article:

"It's been a year since an interview with Amanda Peet in this magazine unleashed McCarthy's public wrath, and she wants to set the record straight. "I think vaccines are one of the greatest things ever invented," she says in response to Peet's use of the word "parasites" to describe mothers who don't vaccinate their children for fear of autism. "I used to be [Peet] before I had a kid with autism." Now McCarthy, along with her boyfriend, actor Jim Carrey, serves on the board of directors of Generation Rescue, an advocacy and research organization that calls for eliminating toxins in vaccines and for delaying shot schedules.

The group's position is simple, she says: "Vaccinations are safe—dot, dot, dot—for some kids. Vaccinations are not safe—dot, dot, dot—for other kids. Let's protect the ones who are weak." McCarthy says that since not all people respond to medications the same way, it stands to reason that the same is true of vaccinations, and that they are therefore worthy of scrutiny.
"We are pro–safe vaccine," she says emphatically, "Vaccines are just not one size fits all. If you gave everyone in the world penicillin, there would be some adverse effects for some people, and possibly deaths."
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