Tuesday, September 8, 2009

{Last Chance weekend}

LABOR Day really is "last-chance-weekend" don't ya'll think? Last chance to do fun things OUTSIDE in the rays of sunshine!!
So we crammed in ALOT of FUN this weekend down at my Mom and Dad's Farm......
4-wheeling-Bike riding-Game playing-Photo taking-Dutch Oven dinner making-Lip healing-Movie watching-Sewing aprons-Sleeping-FAMILY-TIME-Laughing-BYU FOOTBALL WINNING WATCHING!!!!!
Good Times!!!
Want another re-cap of the weekend?...( Loved spending the weekend with you Carol, and YES! that is YOU on my 4-wheeler, you brave soul)
But you know me...See- ya SUMMER...so Long friend...
BRING ON FALL and the Halloween decorations.. ...

1 comment:

Just Me said...

So good being together again.... I hope the lip is getting better and better!!!! Do you have any insects around your house? lol
Take care...Love ya!