Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Poor {Mal} has been really sick, not the "swiner" but some type of Flu-bug..
She finally {let} Nate come and see her today,(that is,if you call showing half your face seeing you)
(OMGosh-see her's a miracle)
Only {Nate} could have the these Super-Powers...
Or was it that he had a Sprite for her?!!
Or it could be that he is leaving in 3 weeks..then he will be gone for
2 years(!!) on an {L.D.S mission}..
Nate also wanted to make sure I was going to make him
"Cafe-Rio-Burritos" this weekend..
I, of-course said..{YES}..How could I say NO to a boy that has put up with me taking his picture all the time, and he still {smiles}..
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