Thursday, September 24, 2009

{Lost & Found}

I {LOVE} finding lost pictures...I thought I lost this memory-card of pictures...I Looked for it for months!
The Dang-thing showed up in one of my Old-Purse Pocket's...
GO-FIGURE with me being the organized-type and all, I usually can find ANYTHING in my purse..(hahaha) ...
*( my BFF'S are laughing their heads off reading this cuz' I'm kinda known for my {junk-purse's}..Or one of my BFF's, Sonya/Violet would say: "My-Marilyn-Purse's")
Anywhoo, I recovered pics of the day I brought {Hayes} home from College last Spring..(AHEM-or otherwise known as "my-happy-dance-day"
*I still can't seem to figure out how to make a "perfect-Collage"...So look away at the pic of Hayes' nose-cut-off...I'm still learnin'...
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