Monday, September 28, 2009

This class could be {Life-Changing}

{It changed mine}... Pics by: Jami Broadbent ( she's good...really {good}... thee BEST...

Jami Broadbents presents:
{Basic Photography Workshop}
Who is this class for?
• Beginners with little or no experience in photography.
What will we be learning?
• How to actually use that fancy camera that you have.
You will learn what all of those crazy settings are and how to use them.
• You will learn how to expose a photograph properly and with style.
• You will learn how to compose an image to make it more interesting.
• You will learn techniques for posing your subjects.
• You will learn different lighting techniques and how to see light.
• You will learn about location scouting and using props.
What do I need?
• A digital SLR camera
When is class?
• Class will start Thursday, September 24th?
• The class will run for 5 weeks.
• The class will last for 1 ½ to 2 hours
Where is class?
• The workshop will be located in my new studio. Santaquin UT
What does it cost?
• $100
What else should I know?
• You will have shooting assignments each week.
(Please take these assignments seriously, as it is how you will learn)
• You will critique each others work
How do I register?
• Please email jbroadbentphoto(at)hotmail(dot)com or call Jami Broadbent at 801-836-7065 to reserve your space.
Jami Broadbent 801-836-7065

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