Friday, October 9, 2009


I {love} with all my heart:
{Stephanie}- without her I could not survive life, since we met in the 2nd grade she has been taking care of me, she is my everyday moments....
{Sonya}- she is my kids 2nd mom and my "chosen" family, she is my everyday moments....
{Kathryn}- I would never of known I had AD.D, :)...I could not live without her voice & the songs she writes...
Old Chippy-Crap-itty Furniture, Old-Windows, OLD -VINTAGE-ANYTHING..(well, almost anything)
Belt Buckles
My Canon Camera
White Cake Stands
White Dishes
Vintage Linens...that are white :)
Silver & turquoise jewelry
Anything from the Junk Gypsies store:
clothes that are gray,black or white...and on a rare occasion pink
expensive jeans ( I know.... bad-habit)
Photography story telling
Pointy-Toe Cowboy boots
SPARKLY things...
And trying everyday to Love
....{me} with all my heart
Why does it take so long to figure yourself out, to figure out why you do the things you do???
To LOVE yourself with all your flaws...
Wish I could have a "do-over" on so many things...
You live...
You learn...
Then you try to learn from ALL your mistakes and do better.....

Kinda a "narssy" collage...but you get the

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