Thursday, November 5, 2009

HUH?! Everybody knows that?

Hunka & I are picking up Parker Brady Rayce ( it is a true-story, one of my twins has 3 names, LONG-STORY) from school and I flip down that horrible visor mirror ...or as I call it the visor-mirror-of-depression-and- gloom...And of-course I instantly see IT.....
40, Yep, you can actually SEE the age 40 ALL OVER YOUR FACE..ugghhhhh!
And I say to Hunka, "You know you look good at almost 50...your wrinkles make you look like the Marlboro Man...all rugged and hunky....
I am just looking OLD..and errrrr, not-so-hunky"

And he says back to me...
"Well, you know it's the new "thing" for younger guys to like older women, look at CHER..she always has a young boyfriend"
Then he says it..(quite possibly the craziest thing he has EVER said)
"But the young guys never stay with her ...because ...
NO-ONE wants to be ..."MR. CHER"
And then I say...
"How in thee world do you KNOW that?!!"
And then he replies..."Everyone knows that"

.....(OK, I don't even want to know why he knows this or why in the world CHER would even POP into his crazy-OLD-mind!!!!
And BTW, Hunka..I DON'T think EVERYONE knows that?!! hahahaha)

(Billy and his favorite younger man....singer/songwriter...Joshua James)

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