Friday, December 25, 2009

And that's a {wrap}

I can't even begin to describe how {happy} the pics in this collage make me...
Love Sonya holding D-Riv like a baby....
Love the one with Haylie & Amanda together...{manda has always has been like her "big-sister"}
Love the one of Mallory & her "ZONYA", she called Sonya that when she was little and wanted to "marry-her"...
Mallory said to me " Take of picture of me and my WIFE", we all died laughing!!
Love the one with Amanda kissing D-Riv,
{She used to be one of his therapist, and has worked 100's of hours with him teaching him life-skills...)
these are priceless friendships...
and last but not least
LOVE the one that AMANDA took of me singing "back-up" with Bryce
while Mallory is showing him the lyrics we googled on the itouch....
And LOVE the look she flashes me
when I really started "showing-my-mad-back-up-singer-skills"
& my-mad-double-chin-skills"
Bryce was also ....VERY impressed with my skills....weren't ya Bryce?!!
OK- That's a wrap....

{click on pic to see it best}

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