Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morn....

This will go down in history as the Christmas that "SOMEONE" woke up @ 4 am and opened ALL
their presents...while everyone one else was still {dreaming of sugarplums-snug-in-their-beds)
That person will remain nameless...(after all it is Christmas-time)
But to say I was just -a-wee-bit-TICKED-off for a an understatement...
After the rage settled in and calmed down...
we started Christmas
I don't take many pics of Christmas day, I try to just be in the moment without my camera...looking for a "sweet-shot"
but of-course I still take a few...(200)
here's some pics of
Gifts o' thee day
note-the-too-die-for-spendy-cowboy-boots from SPAIN, that I would of never bought for myself...huge-surprise! (extra-bonus-points-for HUNKA)

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