Friday, December 4, 2009

common ground

I'm pretty sure that from the moment I was born
my Dad has wondered...
"where did this gypsy-wild-child-story-telling-girl- come from"
I'm sure he has shaken his head in disbelief & confusion more times than he can count...
But, like the smart man he is...
he found COMMON-GROUND with his young-wild-child-daughter
his motorcycle
we took rides through beautiful tree lined river bottom roads, passing horses, feeling the wind in my face...
just the 2 of us
during the ride he would tell me about cloud formations in the sky, what kind of cows we were passing, telling me things about nature..
sometimes I listened...sometimes I didn't...:)
but most the time I just wanted to go fast...
when I was a small girl he had a HONDA motorcycle...
I loved this Honda so much that I changed my name to
for at least 3 years..
In fact, I refused to answer to any other name...
(totally-pinky-swear-this is true)
(as for the "garbage"part..I liked garbage trucks too, don't ask, I was a WIERD child)
And to this day...
The "frame" around my license plate on my car says;
so when I saw his "bike" in the garage this weekend..
I begged to take some pictures on it with my Dad...
These pictures will always be priceless to me...
Thanks Dad for "our" photoshoot
And Thanks Dad for finding
(And BTW, my Dad put his helmut on even though we never went on a "Drive"...he's always about safety first..)LOL!

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