Friday, January 8, 2010

{2009 in pictures....#2}


Also....let us NEVER forget that I got
autograph in 2009
made him smile....which I caught in the picture
(some know what I said to him that made him smile...But It can't be repeated)
but it can be repeated that what I said
made him reach WAY down to me
grab my concert tickets and sign them ..
while SMILING at me for almost a FULL minute.....
just sayin'
(thanks again...AL & CYNTHIA for taking us to the concert and providing KICK-A seats)


ramsam said...

James Taylor's voice melts my heart.....
beautiful photos, too!

(Have you always had that island in your kitchen or did you guys add it? Nosy, but I must know)

Marie said...

We remodeled the kitchen about 3 years ago...
I LOVE having an island, best part of the whole remodel!
BTW! you can come and see it whenever you want!