Monday, January 18, 2010

{my T-shirt company}

Well, I'm starting the "rough-drafts" for my new T-shirt Company....
Mallory is showing you my first "design"

It says......

"Weeeeeeeeeeeee"- NER

Yes...I am THAT funny.......

("Dang-Gena" also going to be in my "t-shirt-line"..also from the famous line that Rayce asked Billy in the car one day..."Why do all Grandma's have Afro's".... will be on a T-Shirt soon...)
Yes....I know ya'll can't hardly wait to buy these babies..huh?!)

1 comment:

chels. said...

CAN I HAVE ONE???! I want the "weeeeeeee"-ner one.
You also need one with "butthurt"
Or, quite possibly a customized one that says "I'm having a really good flippy-hair day."
;) hahaha i love you! You make me smile.