Wednesday, January 20, 2010

{The Perfect Day}

I LOVE remembering those {perfect} days in life....
For some reason I woke up this morning to snow on the ground and my mind instantly went to {this} perfect day....
A day, years-ago, spent in Washington..(where I'm originally from) on Lummi Island,
with my birth-parents and my two small shell-gathering-agate-finding-little girls.....
It was magical..
{it's always magical when it involves riding a Ferry over to an Island isn't it? }
I am so grateful that some times all the stars line up and universe aligns itself just right and all the moons are in their houses and it's right then that it happens...
you have the
PERFECT day with perfect memories and perfect stories to tell...

Lummi Island
you are one of my perfect day's..

*pics from Google images


susan said...

What a good still is a beautiful island ,with amazing family history.
Many of the roads are named for the founding relations,Nugent ,Granger.
I love collecting "good luck" agates.
Do you also remember Mallory rock climbing at Larabee Beach ,with her little girl shoes?
I remember finding crabs ans shells and the girls scaling the rock walls like goats!
Thanks for the good day memory:)
By the way we just returned from our Rodeo week, it was sooo fun!

Marie said...

And remember Grant showing Billy how to dig up "muscles" ( I think that's what they were) and he was like a kid in a candy-store with his bucket and shovel!
I had forgotten about the girls being able to scale rock walls...They could, couldn't they?!!
Mallory said she "totally" remembers that...I was surprised cuz' she was so little at the time!
Hey- I REALLY need some good luck agates...(really just need some good-luck this year)...Maybe you could find me some this spring!! LOL!

susan said...

No Problem.. I just went on a walk on the beach w/Grant the other day, (the weather has been so mild this year) and found a really pretty one, I generally put them around a little altar I have for Megan..
Tell Mallory I always thought she would climb mountains ,and it seems she is!
Look in the mail soon:)

Marie said...

YEAH! lucky 2010 agates...can't wait!
Thank-You :)