Friday, January 29, 2010

{project : play}

My kids play all the time...
they are free........ sucking life in...... laughing...... loving without guards in place yet.....
and because of them reminding me this is important to our SANITY
MY new project
to take pictures one day a week
of our family at

{which will hopefully help our FAMILY play more}
because I want to remember Playing is an IMPORTANT part of life...isn't it?!
but it seems to be the first thing that goes out the door with all of the weekly STRESS!

(Yes, I did indeed let Mal bleach a star on Dev-Dev's head...I'm just COOL like that,... hope his Mom thinks so too?...Mallory embracing Haylie when she came home from college last weekend...Jen & Mal at orange Julius, nuff-said....and Mallory playing in a store, probably eventually getting kicked out....Yep, that how she rolls.....)

1 comment:

ramsam said...

My kids would love a star- my husband would not. I would be somewhere in between....

just yesterday we sat and tried to build card houses, giggling and wrecking eachother's was fun.....

I am reading "Life is a Verb" and it makes me cry, be intense, is amazing. I love your reminder.