Friday, March 26, 2010

{Why I might have an Ulcer?}

Utah County Project due for a 4th Grader
Mallory running for Student Body Officer
Dozens and I mean Dozens of McDonalds Cherry Pies eaten outta' stress
Ditto that on the cupcakes....
the twins acting like twins, meaning getting jealous of who is getting more attention
(this doesn't happen very often, but they can probably feel the STRESS in the "air")
On the upside....
Mal got asked to Prom
and if you follow my blog at all you know this is like...
for me...
(Yes, I do live through my girls when it comes to dances, I admit it freely..)
to go dress shopping-shoe shopping...accessory shopping
So now I'm going to go run to relieve some
I need to learn Yoga..
I'm sure "downward-facing-dog" or some "relieve-your-stress-pose" like that would of came in handy this week
But the Cherry Pies
did a pretty good job ......


Wendyburd1 said...

Those cupcakes look heavenly!! Get Mal a gorgeous dress!

Just Me said...

When is the Prom this year? I hope all is going well for you!