Thursday, April 1, 2010

{are you kiddin' me?} warning long post

this week has been CRAZY with Mallory trying out for Student Body Officer.
But of-course it is fun craziness...(kinda)
getting posters made, T-Shirts made
getting favors to handout...we have done necklaces...bracelets...sunglasses..stamps...rings
let's just say when WE DO IT...WE DO IT..
she made it to the "top 12"
So the"top 12" had to make a movie by Wednesday to show at an assembly Thursday(today)
BTW..(THANKS to my wonderful friends Jed & Carrie Patrick for their help... we didn't know how to edit a movie)
We got Mal's Movie done at 2am....YES...2am... Wednesday morning ( I friends rock, huh?!)
Well, this morning Mal wakes up and says ..
"I don't feel good"
I could tell she was sick...but today was the BIG day...the day you showed your movie to the whole school at an assembly and then get asked a question on stage..
We went down to the assembly at 9:30am and Mallory looked horrible...pale...looked SO SICK...
I said let's go to the Doctor's...something is wrong...
But she said... NO, I CAN DO THIS..I HAVE to do this...
finally after the hour long assembly and walking up onto the Stage and answering her question in front of the whole high school and might I add... answering it VERY well..
We finally got her in the car.... by this time she is doubled over in pain and could hardly speak..
The next couple hours included:
Hospital gown...(hate them)
Blood Draws
The result of ALL that pain?... Kidney stones
so then....
Morphine Drip
and now finally sleeping...
I still can't believe...nor can the Doc or nurses that she had just sat through an assembly
let alone walked up on stage and answered a question!
I have me ONE TOUGH GIRL...who hopefully is on the mend....


susan said...

Oh my god..This is a tough girl,and she wants the job!
Has she been thru' alot of s--t this year or what,I feel sorry for you,I have been thru'simular with Megan,and ended up at Virginia Mason in Seattle.
Will say a little prayer for both of you:)

Just Me said...

Oh my gosh! Poor girl! Does she just have to wait until she passes the stones or what? I hope she doesn't have to have surgery to break them up. Let me know how she is doing. I tried to call you several times today... now I know how you didn't answer.

Marie said...

Susan, much S---t, this year! I'm counting my Birthday this year as a re-birth!
BTW- I was going to e-mail you..but hopefully you'll read this.
Do kidney stones run in our family?
Did Megan have kidney stones?
e-mail me K? :)

Marie said...

Yes, my phone was on silent all day while in the ER.
I had my itouch with me so I did Facebook you, did you get them?
I will call ya tomorrow :)

chels. said...

That poor girl!
She's tougher than I am for shiz.
I was having a panic attack reading this.
SERIOUSLY, let me know if Mal or any of you need ANYTHING. I mean it.
Love ya.

Wendyburd1 said...

Poor Mal!! Kidney stones at HER age!!