Tuesday, April 27, 2010

{face-tickling is THEE best}

is GRADUATING this Saturday from Junior College A.K.A SNOW COLLEGE...
Go Badgers!
So as you can imagine we are super busy this week...
moving her out
but sadly, for me
not home
She got an INCREDIBLE job with the Wildlife Dept. in our fine state of Utah. [so proud of her]
She will be using her degree in Biology to study plant life and do a little research on the deer and elk population in the book cliffs...
She will come home on the weekends...
I am going through a whole new break-down this week
you know
the one
where you realize
your baby-girl might
live at home again?

Pictures from this Saturday when Hayles brought her roommates home and my-fav, her BFF, CHELS, came over.
And I gave them all "Mom-Face-Tickling-Treatments"


chels. said...

I love this!! :D It was soo soothing ;) hahaha
I love you and I will see you Saturday!

Wendyburd1 said...

Sounds like an exciting opportunity, how far away will she be living?