Thursday, April 29, 2010


finding new obsession's
is consuming
alot of my time
after seeing this picture
my new "Wish-List" includes an outdoor sewing room, so I can make 100's of pillows
how delightfully-lovely-crazy-wonderful is this?

* one more Obsession is this online mag...(this is for you Susan if you haven't seen it will L.O.V.E this !!


susan said...

I have seen it and love it!
My obsession(since they took all of our {hard} mags blogs of goodness many ,and so much !
I did away w/ my old sewing table in the spare and am sewing whereever now also ..outside would be good!
p.s. like Soko on your playlist ..esp. kill her:)
It speaks to the murderous parts of me;o!!

Marie said...

I am LOVING SOKO too! I have been "spring-cleaning" to her on my ipod! kill her is my FAVE as well...( always, Same, same)