Monday, April 12, 2010

{not in vain}

got my picture taken randomly right after I got off the phone with a friend today..
a friend that I have seen every 4 weeks for 16 years...
she started out as a hair client and has become family
when I met her the first time..I said to her...
" I knew you somewhere before, like you know, heaven?!"
She didn't run or even stop coming to get her hair done!
I LOVE her for that, cuz' you know I just tell it as it is...
and I felt deja-vu with her, you know what I'm saying right?
Then I looked at this picture and it said everything I was feeling.....
A picture is always worth a million words...
Sad, Scared,thinking of her sweet family and what they were going through..
but at the same time...
I was feeling
Thinking how I live like I will always have tomorrow..
until we hear the words like my friend heard
Breast Cancer
I know she will be fine...she will be FINE, she's a strong-woman!
But I hate things like this to be in vain,
so I am, again, awake
to my life and how I'm living it..
awake to how much I LOVE my friends and family...

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