Friday, April 23, 2010

So..ya know

You've been BFF's a LONG time when,
You both talk at the same time and STILL know what each other is saying...
These are some "tidbits" from the morning of prom.
Starring: Mal-Kylee-BFF...Sonya-and Me

*At the mall getting Mallory's shoes, and YES, this is why my kids NEVER acknowledge I'm their Mother in public....
and then at "Promenade" that night, which BTW, I MISSED her "promenade-ing" cuz' my phone ran out of space and I didn't have my camera out to take pics!! grahhhhh!
I am such a SPAZ!

video video


Crispy-Fur said...

omg you two are sillies ! love ya

Marie said...

We are your
"Caramel-Sillies"... huh?!
I am a BAD sister!
I haven't called or e-mailed all month!
Sorry brother..
I will do better!