Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Man has.....

His hands full..
I don't know why it hasn't struck me like this before..
But yesterday he had
trying to get his attention ( YES, my girls are TOTAL Dabby-Girls)
Mal wanted to know if he liked her hair..
Haylie wanted him to see her new outfit..
And I, well, I just wanted to have his attention. Cuz' that's how I roll :)
And then it hit me
This man has
that love him,
want his attention all the time,
value his opinion and ask him it ALL the time
and ask him to DO-THINGS for them all the time...(Please....get me a TREAT, help me with my homework, fill out this job resume for me, make me a collage, get me a scholarship, TAKE ME TO NORDSTROM,....the list could go on forEVAH)
This Man has a crazy life..
But I think he LOVES it?!!
Who wouldn't right?


chels. said...

And he is full of wisdom too..
"You need to find someone who wants to hang out with you more than you want to hang out with him."
hahaha. Love you.

Marie said...

You are so right Chels, he is full of wisdom!
He loves ya girlie!
Now listen to his wise words..
Hope your Sunday was ok?!

susan said...

Wow , that IS the secret to a good relationship....
and IF both practice this wisdom,
guaranteed success!