Sunday, June 20, 2010

{little things...little things}

This could make my WHOLE SUMMER...
It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen!
Dylan uses a "speaking device" called a DYNAVOX ( you can google it if ya want to)
It is a laptop and has icons that you push and they "speak" for you.
He very rarely uses it unless forced and only uses it to ask for FOOD!
(Go figure a 10 year old boy always asking for food!)
Well, tonight I called my Dad for father's day and he must of heard me..
He loves going down to their farm to hang out and basically drive them crazy:).
His twin went and had a visit just last week and he wanted to go, but 2 boys at one time is a little much for my parents, but I'm guessing he just thought,...Well, it's my turn this week to go for a visit?!
The next thing I knew he was coming upstairs with an old suitcase and started packing himself he was bringing out undies and his swimsuit and closing up the suitcase..all ready to GO!
We were all a little confused where he was going until we got out his DYNAVOX and he pushed the icons:
I think this might be the first time he has EVER "told" us what he wanted to "do"


Improving all the time in how to communicate without saying a word!
(I did get WAY cute pics with my real camera of him heading out the door with his suitcase, can't wait to edit them)
Now we just need to find time to get down to my Mom & Dad's this week!:)


Angie said...

So precious!!

slytrifecta said...

Priceless :)

Just Me said...

Oh my goodness!!!! You better get there for a visit! Love you. Hope all is going great for you and yours!