Wednesday, June 9, 2010

[Photoshoot from today]

Mal has always LOVED her Beaver-pelt
(thanks to Susan & Grant who gave it to her)...
anyone that knows her..
knows that she carried it with her for years when she was little, it was like a security blankie..
So... we brought it a long to the shoot today...
I love to have things in pictures that have memories...


susan said...

THE Beaver Pelt...what a good memory.
The man that trapped it was such a good friend of Grant's..he was a true old time Alaskan.
Grant had asked him to tan a few Beavers ,if he could, and he gave , I think,2 to us.. I still have mine {I love it,too}
Our friend gave them to his daughter,Ara-Mae,and she used them to sew fur hats and mitts to sell.She was well-known for her fur sewing, and sold everything she made.Her specialty was a Fox-head hat,with the tail down the back, and beaver side flaps.
She gave me a bag of scraps to use when Pam and I were making the art dolls.
They were a wonderful family, we have many memories of going to Ninilchik ,Ak to clam with them,and camp,while we made fritters,and chowder..and canned and froze the rest for winter.
Ara-Mae and her family were killed in a car/camper wreck going back from Fairbanks to Ninilchik one summer many years ago.
Everytime i make my bed ,and fluff up the fur on the beaver pelt I remember them ,...and Grant giving the pelt to Mallory.("A girl could sure USE a beaver pelt at a time like this!")Ha Ha :)

Marie said...

I'm so happy you told me that story, I will have Mallory read it.
She too fluffs the "pelt" every morning as it lays on the end of her bed as well.
It is and always has been one of her prized possession's!
And, of- course..That is one of the funniest stories and is re-told and re-told ..
"UMMMM, MOM, sure could my beaver pelt at a time like this!!!!!" HAHAHAHAHA
Tell Grant... Mallory has a lot of memories of him. She also talk about the flashlight B-Day and making the waiter bring the WHOLE can of whip cream when eating at Ray's in Seattle..Wooden Blocks, Giant Moose stuffies,..He did so many kind things for her, I thin they bonded first thing when she rode in your car up to park the tender age of 3...awwww.
Have a good week..I'm off to buy some of those things you mentioned in your e-mail.THANKS for the advice!

Marie said...

Sorry, my spelling was a little crazy on the last comment...left out words, etc...
But you got the "jest" eh? :)