Monday, July 19, 2010

more...and more...pic's

OK...Now let's get to some of my personal favorites...
LOVED seeing the lady I've always heard about in Alaska, she wouldn't smile for me and if you know what I've heard you'll know why...YEP, only 2 teeth.
I was SO bummed I was in a "duck" tour bus & had to take the pic through a plastic window when I saw the 3 Dogs hanging out the window watching the tourist, they say they are there everyday watching the people..PRICELESS
And YES, the sign DID say "no touching the Fur hats", that's why it's blurry..I had to take it FAST..c'mon do you NOT have your kids put these babies on?!!
And let's just say...I took of picture of Billy's Christmas present..won't he so WARM this winter?
The kids were mortified when they saw the reindeer sausages...YES, they do eat Santa's helper's in Alaska..????
And the last one...well, let's just say..I bought the T-shirt...

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Wade The Rascal said...

Raindeer dogs are AMAZING. I hope you tried one.