Wednesday, August 25, 2010

lazy days

so I really don't have D-Riv's permission to post a pic of him in his
But this picture is SO him...
And is SO what the summer of 2010 looked like at our house...(Huh, Mal..thanks for ALL you did for us this summer ...MWAH!)
So I couldn't help myself..
this pic makes me giddy-happy
Summer 2010
Little Boys in ninja turtle under's, never any clothes on...
grocery sacks all over the counters
Windex, cuz' we MIGHT clean.. (probably not)-
A empty Ben & Jerry's carton..(yep that blurry white thing on the counter)

bowls on the counter of what-ever-you-can-find-to-eat-in-the-fridge
and of-course..a plate of CHICKEN NUGGETS...D-Riv's 5th plate of the day.. I'm betting...
although by looking at him you'd never know he is an eating machine
Already missing these kind of lazy days of summer...

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ramsam said...


Your kitchen is gorgeous. I need tips/hints on remodeling with is in my future (the remodeling, not the sanity)