Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Process...

One step forward, one step forward, one step forward. Two steps forward
and one step back. Three steps forward, three steps back. Five steps
forward, two steps back. No....this is not a math lesson....
this is life, lovely girl!!!

Please don't freak out or beat yourself up when you have setbacks. You are
not a failure. You did not make bad plans and your steps backward do not
determine your worth as a human being.

Sometimes we think we have things figured out, or that we have overcome
something...and then it returns to our lives in a different way...leaving us to
feel like we have failed in some way. What this actually is, is a beautiful new
chance to learn and grow....and it shows up right when we are ready to take it
on, even if it seems otherwise.

Remember that life is a process...all of it. There are lots of finish lines,
not just one. We get to start new climbs, new races....every day. Some days we are
moving forward effortlessly, some days we are learning to work through life in
other ways. It's all good and it's all necessary....and you are doing a tremendous
job. Reach for the gifts found in the setbacks and decide that tomorrow is a
brand new day.....

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