Thursday, September 2, 2010

[All sorts of cool]

Jeff Decker is a crazy-off-the-chain-talented local artist in my neck of the woods.

Billy,"The Man", & Jeff have done some "trading-selling-buying-admiring of each others collection's"
Jeff also owns The Trolley a local restaurant that has my FAVE and my BFF get it with extra-bits on top....
And ...some of the things Jeff has bought from Billy hang on the walls of this restaurant,...kinda rad.. eh?!!)

Jeff's son,... Cary ROCKS!!!! and he is going to do me a huge FAVOR...I hope...(top-secret for now)

And while I don't know Jeff personally...I LOVE that he did this I'm sharing it..I don't think he'll mind....:)
LOVE that Jeff stands up for what he believes ...AND stays TRUE to who he is..
sometimes that's a hard combo...

Click here to watch:


Amander said...

When I lived in P-town my boyfriend and I ate at the Trolley AT LEAST four times a week. I miss it :(

slytrifecta said...

not to mention he's a little hottie :)

[ME] said...

Amander...I will eat there next time in your honor..umkay?!

Janna...I KNOW RIGHT???!!!yumm-o