Sunday, September 19, 2010

[The Dress Story}

This dress was SUCH a lucky find...We shop at a thrift store all the time when we get up to the big city of Salt Lake.
And it just so happens that this dress was on a mannequin in the store window.
The owner said it was from the 50's and they just got it from an estate sale.
This was our first attempt at getting a vintage dress and having it altered....
But it turned out SO awesome...I think we will do this for every dance.
It didn't have straps/sleeves and the rhinestone straps it once had were broke, but they were gorgeous so we knew we wanted to save them somehow..
And because we were extra, extra LUCKY it came with a little funky jacket us matching material!!
And because I am a BLOG addict...I had read Mindy Gledhill's blog about a great little sewing shop in downtown Provo, my neck of the woods,...called LADY DANBURRY.
I HIGHLY recommend this place...the cutest TINY lady/girl helped us design straps and incorporated the rhinestone straps...She was SO great to work with!
The dress turned out so LOVELY...
and I LOVED that this beautiful dress got to have a "LIFE" again!
Now for the jaw-dropper...with the dress, alterations & slip (that I made, can you believe that?)... the total came to
Drum roll please............
$ 71.00
Awesome- possum eh?....
LOVE LOVE thrift stores...they're my BFF.


susan said...

Oh, that dress is Beautiful !
My favorite part of dances was the dress, material,pattern..picking out this was almost as fun as the evening of the event..all of the
I remember so well..
Do enjoy it all, even the waiting up part so you can talk ,so important :)
I would do it again in a minute !!
Mallory, it goes without saying , you are beautiful !

[ME] said...

She is such a COMBO of Billy sister Trish and Megan....
And fave part is the after the dance info :)

susan said...

I so love the vintage, altered dress.
You can't even find material like that any longer...
This dress can go in the box labled,"save", :)