Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Family Text.....I decided I need to start documenting our "EPIC" convo's

The text between Me and The Man this morning....

Me: Yep, Just got up, only 20 minutes before the bus...not good.

I got a "hair" to start-up Dylan's supplements again this morning....trying to be the "good" mom and what-not. :)

I gave him some fish oil....he promptly put his hands in his mouth then rubbed his face...

Yep, I sent our kid to school smelling of Trout with a little Utah Lake mixed in....AWESOME, not.

The Man: Ouch, that's not a good way to start the day....sorry :(

BTW, I thought you were dead this morning you didn't even move when the alarm went off.
I had to shake you a little.... You weren't dead....

*Autistic kiddo's like Dylan are often lacking vital nutrients in their systems...so a rigorous supplement schedule is USUALLY in place to help them function better,(ie: helps with language,eye-contact etc...) ...I often lack in this area & feel like a loser MOM

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Angie said...

What ever you do- do not feel like a loser Mom! You must be pretty special to be given a gift like Dylan. :)