Saturday, October 23, 2010

I HAD to......

It's true....
I don't "blog" about my parents much...
YES, there are reason's for this.

My parents are law-abiding-normal-quiet-don't-draw attention to myself-people...( I know and I AM their daughter...poor parents!)

But today...
TODAY I AM blogging about my Mom....
I have never laughed so hard in my life....(well, quietly-hard to myself in the restaurant, as to NOT draw attention to us)

Today we went to down to their little town for a visit....
Actually Parker needed some "Grandpa-Grandma time, away from the sisters, so he is staying with them for a couple days...
And My Dad was so nice and took us to dinner at this AWESOME little restaurant in the town,
(THANKS again Dad)
While we were waiting for the check, my Mom decided she needed a "to go" box.
She started trying to get the waiters attention but nothing was working.
All of the sudden I hear this WHISTLE....yep, a a "cat-call" whistle!
I look across the table and see this sound was coming from my MOM's mouth???
Instantly, she covered her mouth and looked SO surprised.... then she exclaimed,
"Wow, I didn't know I could still whistle"

(I Love you know I had to write this story down so the kids can remember that moment forever...right?! :)

(pic taken Thanksgiving 09')


Laura said...

It's all about making fun memories, isn't it?
My parents were exactly the same way-
which in today's crazy in your face world feels like the way to go.

Enjoyed visiting,
White Spray Paint

slytrifecta said...

I am belly laughing!!!