Thursday, November 4, 2010

[Can't imagine]

On this day in 1995....

I found my Birth Parents
It was one of the most "selfish" things I have ever done.
And by that I mean ....the most IMPORTANT thing I've ever done just for

I can't imagine not knowing....
That my Birthparents are truly talented, SMART,creative, Ummm, good looking,Well they are.....
real people and that I came into this world LOVED.

That my PARENTS, the ones that raised me....
ARE my REAL parents, because Mom & Dad is a verb.
We ALL know that.. the one's that had to put up with ALL your crap..& STILL love you!

I can't imagine a life without:
My Brothers....I was blessed with the BEST.
E. & Roger would lay down their lives for me and I for them.

My "Adopted-Sister", Carol, without her I'd still be sucking my thumb..and I would of never known the Beatles, Jerry Lewis and the Playboys,Donny Osmond's Puppy Love...

Having a Dad that can do & fix anything, (he's the smartest person I know)....He is also the one I want if I'm in the hospital, he's a calming person to me and knows how to talk me down off the ledge when I'm a crazy hyper-MESS.

Can't imagine life without:
That talks I've had with my Birthfather, Grant.... some of them changed my life and made me whole.
Also, seeing His face and hands....I "look" a lot like him...(that's a BIG thing when your adopted)

Having a Mom that I loved so much that I couldn't even go to kindergarten because I KNEW she would miss me...(Yes, I ran right home after my Mom dropped me off everyday the first year of school, my poor Mom !!!)
Face tickles....Neck rubs...
and my Mom can make anyone feel better when they're sick...when I was little I thought she was a nurse...(she isn't, but she should have been)
My Mom is a STRONG woman....she taught me to stick up for myself...and she never holds a fight, you're get over it and go on.

I can't imagine :
Life without seeing my Birthmom Susan... Create Art, Cook, Sew, DANCE....She taught me so much in a short time and is the most talented person I know.
Also, seeing her face and hearing her voice. ....Again,BIG deal when your adopted, I "look" a lot like her too:)

I can't imagine my life without..
My beloved
Grandpa & Grandma words can't explain.

I can't imagine my life WITHOUT ALL of these people....

I'm so happy I was selfish and found my Birthparents...
I'm SO blessed they let me in..
I'm SO blessed I have loving parents who STILL love me....after all I put them through :)
because it made me who I am today....

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Amander said...

Such a sweet post. I'm sure ALL of your family is happy to have you in their lives.