Sunday, November 28, 2010


This song
perfect story.....
"The format...SWANS"
Don't forget to fill your suitcase.
Now watch it sink,
Cause where we're going we don't need a thing.
Not a map, or a seed,

Cause where we've been is who we used to be.
We started wrapping our regrets in cloth
Are you defined by all the things you want...
Or did you get caught
Up in the things that we are not?

You were born to believe you can't get lost,
So when you run, you always get too far.
Now there's nothing you haven't seen.

But where we're headed we have never been,
Past the pavement that we used to walk,
Past the people that we used to know.
Now come on, go
Past the people that had broke our hearts.
We started laughing at them from afar.
But now we've climbed too far without a rope.
Now come on, go

Now do you feel we've gone too far
Or do you feel we've reached the top
Or do you feel like letting go
Now come on, hold on,

We are not swans,
Nor are we as ugly as we think we are.
We have fallen fast, but we aren't falling far
Now come on, come on,
We are not swans,
Our fathers gave us features that we didn't want,
Our mothers claim those features made them fall in love,
But come on, come on,

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