Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sara Boulter....I LUFF you

I LOVE LOVE LOVE a trillion times..
And I LOVE LOVE LOVE a trillion times ...SARA BOULTER...http://saraboulterphotography.com/
who SURPRISED me and paid for tickets and left them at "will call" for me on Saturday...( I know, my friends are TOO awesome. huh?!)
The concert was SOLD OUT, I couldn't find tickets anywhere.....(I'm not even going to ask what she had to do to get the tickets...I'm a little scared to ask quite frankly :))
Everytime I see Brandi...I decide that when I retire I'm just going to become her groupie and travel from town to town...listening to her voice...
So gosh darn happy she sang ...Jackson + Folsom Prison...on Saturday.
One of my all time fave covers she does....it makes me jump and squeal in delight...
CLick and catch the ...FEVER, you just might want to jump and squeal too:)

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