Monday, August 15, 2011

A whole new world...again...

 Well, it's official I another child that is starting school & going on with her life.

(I'm actually super excited for Mal , she's going to Aesthetics School ....She is also taking their "advanced make-up artistry program" as well)
I can't wait for the practice ...facials / micro-dermabrasion / make-up, make OVER' begin.
She wants to go into doing make-up for movie's, photo shoot's, etc...she is already so talented in this area & has a passion for I know she will be amazing!!
She isn't moved out ...yet.... but is looking for a place. I secretly hope she doesn't find one,...Ssssh, don't tell :)
BTW, when she does move out... I will officially be in a home of ALL BOYS...

HEAVEN HELP MY GIRLIE SELF?????!!!! I better start liking football eh???

 Here's one more of Mal's shoot with the talented, Nicole Hill Geralut .
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