Thursday, September 22, 2011

KOA, Drugs & Willy Nelson

This was our "last hurrah" of the Summer
I decided upon "Camping in the Kampin Kabins" at the KOA...
What happened in the next 12 hours was absolutely
Here are some of the highlights:
KOA & a Trailer Park are combined???
The KOA shares the pool WITH the trailer park.
There are signs that remind you to wear a swimming suit???(First clue that we should pack up and leave)
Our Kampin' Kabin was next to one of the permanent trailer's in the trailer court.
The man that lived in the trailer enjoyed his Beer,Willy Nelson & country dancing...By this I mean..
He drank Beer while dancing around to Willy Nelson...(Yep, this happened)
We witnessed an actual drug deal...(Again, Yep, this happened)
We swam ..
We laughed
We were frightened & scared for our lives
We packed up and left the KOA Kampin Kabin within 12 hours
We had an adventure ( is that what you would call it?)


Monica said...

I'm pretty sure this was the "campground" that I run through on my route. I have always thought that it would be convenient for the permanent residents to have showers and a large tub, aka pool at their fingertips. Sounds like a serious adventure!

{marie} said...

Monica...I hope you run with pepper spray on that trail! You totally could get "shanked by the drug lords" or asked to dance...:)

Amander said...

Okay, this post made me laugh so hard. That is all freaking cra-zy!