Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day

Labor day was full of fun or LIFE. ..or whatever ya wanna call it
One of the sweetest moments was this one below..we all went up American Fork Canyon to Tibble Fork Lake...
Well, the water was, should we say,...a tad bit FREAKIN-FREEZIN...No-one and I mean No-one was in the water unless in a raft or canoe..
Dylan, of course, wanted to go in...ummm, BADLY..water is one of his uber-loves.
But it was WAY to cold for even him and he is a daredevil.
In steps Chris ( Mallory's Boyfriend) he says..." I'll go in with him..."
WELL you can see how this story played out...
Chris says "C'mon Bud...let's go"
Dylan...puts his hands up to be carried...
And instantly..
Chris becomes Dylan's RAFT..
Chris was FROZE,
 NO,...really like frozen... by the time Dylan was done with him.
What a trooper...
Chris...YOU ARE AWESOME...And we kinda like you...like A LOT.
( and yes, Chris has a 12 PACK & GUNS and crazy stuff like that going on...I guess he goes to the gym???? :)

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Picture of Health said...

This is precious. He is a keeper.