Tuesday, September 27, 2011

my mini -vacay

Took off with my "GIRLS" for a mini-vacay this past weekend...
After having the flu for the past week it was a nice break..
Besides pulling a muscle in my back ( From lifting a flipping chair-thingy...SHEESH how old/weak/lame am I???)
I had a blast..
I have the best friends EVAHHH!
*Also did a photoshoot while down on the vay-cay of one of my other "besties"
will share the pics soon...they're kinda the Bombdiggity if I do say so myself :)

My BFF'S....They're quite lovely eh?

Yep ...My Stacey P.  does carry me when I don't want to get my shoes dirty...
I know ...I know...
you kinda wish you had my Stacey P. too  huh???

If I only I could write about the things said around this pool...:)

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