Sunday, September 4, 2011

Waving extra....

This Monday, Labor Day, is the last of the "city" parades for this princess..
I will wave an extra long time when my-girl passes by..
maybe run down the parade route
wave again...


Monica said...

We yelled to Mallory in the parade. Of course she smiled and waved but since we were missing Jarin and Jami she had no idea who we were. My parents both turned to me and asked who she was and then each said, wow, she is beautiful. I told them that according to Jami, her interior beauty is even better than the exterior. They were extra impressed. Hope she had a great summer of floats.

{marie} said...

You're so kind! She LOVES to hear her name called..Always makes you feel like you have friends! And it goes without saying that we LOVE Jami..what would we do without her?
Mallory loved every parade...she had a great summer!