Saturday, October 1, 2011


This past week was hard... My sweet-boy had to stay home from a field trip at school because he wasn't "able" to participate due to his disability.(oddly enough he IS in a classroom for kids with disabilities, (go figure).
They did provide him another activity to go to ...BUT it was NO WHERE near as fun as the activity the class was doing...
It was SO hard for me to grasp that a person, a teacher...HIS teacher, would let this happen to such a sweet little boy. That she would pick a field trip that only ONE child, my child, in the class couldn't participate in???
I know he felt badly too.
I know he could hear the other kids in his class talking about how much fun they were going have on this field trip etc...
broke. my. heart. in. pieces.
Well, I AM going to get to the bottom of this, don't you worry ...heads will roll.
ANYONE that knows me knows do not mess with my kids...

But as I was feeling bitter and angry, sad and all these crazy emotions...
I ran across this
And I felt some peace.
I loved when the Mom in this video says...
My boy's mission in life is to bring love to the world...
 It felt so good to know others are fighting the same battle and its a HARD battle...But you can find happiness along the way.

And in the end... I, We, my Family are SO SO BLESSED.

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Just Me said...

I would like to hear more about this story. It is TOTALLY unbelieveable to me.

I so hope thay you can continue to find joy all around you.

I am sorry that some trials have such a BITE!

Love you.