Monday, November 28, 2011

The Good & the Bad...

Our Home is in
We replaced the carpet with hardwood on our main floor..
OUR main living area
And on top of it all had it stained with really SMELLY stain..
I guess all stain is really smelly ...
but this stain seemed to be exceptionally powerful.
We had to FLEE our home...It was killing us slowly, or atleast making us really sick or high???...
Thank goodness for parents that live only 2 hours away.
We have bunked with them since tuesday...
THANKS Mom & Dad!!!
We are back home now an hope to be functioning..
ie: cooking and sitting on furniture saturday..(arggh, we are ALL living in the basement and LOVING the opportunity to be so close to one another...haha)
On the flip-side..
The floors are gorgeous! I can't wait the un-veil the NEW modern look I have planned! YIPPEEE.

BTW...I included pictures of Parker looking quite HIPSTER....
Just because..
He's my sunshine...I LOVE him so.
YES...NO Oven does equal Cafe Rio every night :)

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