Tuesday, December 27, 2011


...at times I think I'm going to give up
just get in bed, and not get out.


We Mom's all have times like that, I know.
And then right at that moment, the moment you've given up.... you pray that something
happens to make you want to ...
get out of bed.
 I truly have to say that "thing" that makes you get up , RARELY happens to me.
well, today the heavens opened.
And gave me inspiration....to not only get up, but to try harder....

Today we decided to get the boys out of the house and go for a drive....We stopped for gas, (huge laugh if you're my friend, I NEVER, never have gas in my car..who has time or money to put gas in their car?)
I add this part about getting gas, because when the heavens opened up and rained down this blessing. Billy was outside getting gas and missed it :( I feel so bad about it.
Billy got out to get gas and all of the sudden I hear a melodic humming coming from Dylan in the backseat, and this humming was very different from the usual sounds or humming that Dylan makes...
And then this humming turned into a
he started to hum the song
Hark The Herald Angels Sing...
he hummed the entire first verse in perfect pitch and melody.
It was
AMAZING...to say the least
I'm so grateful that his twin Parker was in the car and got to hear it. Parker just kept hugging him, saying good job bud! And Dylan was of-course smiling in his own way..
Dylan has never done this ever before.
and of-course hasn't even made as much as a peep again today...
But IT happened.
It's things like this that keep me going
keep me from getting too tired to go on..
It's things like this that keep me knowing...my son IS in that body...just gotta keep working on helping him communicate in anyway he can..

AND can YOU guess what my new favorite Christmas song is???
AHHHH,   What a BEAUTIFUL day.