Thursday, December 1, 2011

One of my biggest fears...happened.

One of my biggest fears, actually...probably...not just mine, I'm assuming one of the biggest fears of ANY parent of a special needs child, especially a child that is non-verbal, is the fear of losing that child.
Well, that phone call came today at exactly 3:13 p.m. The bus driver called to ask me if I'd came and picked up my child from school early.

My answer : "No, why?" ...But deep inside I knew My Autistic/NON-VERBAL/Helpless Boy was lost.

Fear, numbness,shock, all overtook me..I instantly started praying, and if you know know it was out loud . (Mallory claims I sound like a preacher when I do this???)
 I just started shouting/praying... Please. Please. let my son be safe. Please. Please let them find him fast. Please let him be found safe...please please please find him....find him...find him...please  please find him...Please Heavenly Father please...please...let someone find my little boy and bring him to safety.

I know that these prayers from a Mom about her child are heard....especially after today ...I know without a shadow of a doubt that these kind of prayers are so strong that He hears them instantly and He instantly starts comforting you...
Today my prayer was answered within 10 minutes...{Thank you Heavenly Father for answering my prayer so fast}. ..I know it was a direct answer to my prayer because too many things happened right today that kept Dylan safe.
I'm so THANKFUL to a Bus Driver that listened to another little special needs child that rides the bus with my son, He listened when he said..." Dylan is not on the bus, Dylan's Mom didn't come and get him" ( Thank you Peter, what an awesome friend you are to Dylan)
SO THANKFUL for a Bus driver that called me and then drove back to the school to look for my missing son.
SO THANKFUL someone saw him in a dark room playing a computer and took him to the office

So THANKFUL that ALL the things that could of happened to a Non Verbal Autistic Child,.....
Didn't Happen..

He was alone for probably almost 30 minutes,(that's A LONG time for a kiddo with Autism), in a dark classroom where all the teacher's had gone home.
He had a little friend looking out for him, He had an AWESOME caring bus driver, He was found by someone and instantly taken to the office..

As to WHY he didn't get on the bus today with his class??
Only one teacher/Aide was present at bus duty to oversee at least 10 special needs kids get on the bus safely, to my knowledge there is usually 3 aides helping (the other 3 were gone, still don't know exactly where, will be finding out). When I called the aide to ask if she knew where Dylan was, she thought he had gotten on the bus. But went on to tell me that 2 boys started fighting and she was tending to them and didn't actually see him get on the bus..
I know she feels horrible about it and she would never want anything to happen to Dylan...
But it still makes me wonder how many times my child has been put in this unsafe situation?
I WILL be taking action to make sure this doesn't happen again...I hope to NEVER have that helpless feeling again.. and believe me it's gonna get CRAZY with the school!
*I'm also going to look into things for Non-Verbal-Autistic kiddo's like monitoring devices etc. (if you know of anything, please comment and let me know)

But for tonight ...I hugged my little guy about 1 MILLION times.
I'm thanking my Heavenly Father 2 millions times for comforting and blessing Me, My son and my Family today.

(WE LOVE this little guy ...pic by Jami Broadbent)


Amander said...

Oh my goodness! Marie, that is so scary! I'm so glad that he was quickly found.

{marie} said...

Thanks Amanda!!

Shauna Leavitt said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad he was found safe and that the bus driver/janitor were looking out for him. I'm so glad your prayer was heard and answered. love you Marie!

Angie said...

So glad to hear that he is safe. I can only imagine the fear you felt.